If after running our ad units for a period of time and advertisers continuously decline to bid on your site, we may decide to remove your site from our network all together.

Ultimately, if we cannot find advertisers to bid on your site, we cannot pass on the eCPM rate you have come to expect from Adbuff.

When this occurs, this is not an account ban and you will still be paid for your accrued earnings. You will just not be able to earn any future income from the site that was removed.

Unfortunately if this occurs, it is completely out of our control as we do not control the bidding decisions of our advertisers.

In order to ensure this doesn't happen, the best thing you can do is monitor your traffic sources. The cleanest source of traffic is:

 - Organic Search

 - Social Media

 - Referrals from highly trusted websites

Traffic that often leads to accounts being removed from the network are:

 - auto-surf schemes

 - traffic exchanges

 - spam email

 - pop-ups or pop-unders from other sites

Please contact your account manager to find out if your traffic sources are safe.