Adbuff is an Ad Exchange platform which means we connect your site directly with the largest advertisers in the world through the open ad exchange. As a result, we have very little control over the exact eCPM rate you will receive, as it is determined by which advertisers are bidding on your site.

We've put together a complete guide that will help ensure you get the maximum eCPM from us by ensuring your site is attractive to potentially bids from advertisers.

Things that advertisers are looking for and will make your site more competitive are:

  • Have a majority of traffic coming from English speaking countries (USA, Canada, Australia, UK);
  • Place the ads above the fold where they are more likely to be clicked;
  • Ensure your website doesn't already have excessive ads;
  • Your traffic is coming from organic search or/or social media;
  • Your website has high quality content.

eCPM rates take roughly 1-2 weeks to stabilize with adbuff so we recommend keeping the ad code somewhere visible for at least that time to get a fair understanding of what you rate you can expect from us.