We use a variety of filters on your domain when you first submit for approval. Before any human reviews your site, we run a number of checks, including:

  • Alexa Rank;
  • Organic Search Traffic;
  • Domain Age;
  • MozRank;
  • Inbound Links;
  • Social signals.

Based on these checks, your site will need to meet a certain score for consideration for review by our administrators.

If your site isn't being accepted by us, you can try the following tactics to improve your chances of being approved the next time you apply:
  • Increase the amount of backlinks to your site, which will increase your MozRank;
  • Increase the amount of organic search traffic, which will increase your AlexaRank;
  • Increase the amount of likes, shares, retweets on Facebook and Twitter to improve your Social score;
  • Wait until your website is at least 3 months old.

If you have reviewed this article carefully and still believe your site is being rejected by error, please submit a ticket to our support test and we can manually verify your Google Analytics for consideration.